NextDent Cast (Chassis, Screed, Crown, Bridges) 2.2lbs


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NextDent Cast (calcinable, castable)

Resin and calcinable 3D printing material for lost-wax casting without residues
NextDent Cast is a residue-free, combustible 3D printing resin, suitable for all kinds of needs. Whether you need a support structure, a chassie ( stellite), a bridge, a screed or orthodontic appliances. Simply design, print and pour our precision casting resin in investment casting with the recommended investment equipment (coating). This will allow you to cast the metal parts you need.

Compatibility: FORMLABS, SLASH+, Duplicator 7 and 8 and any equivalent printers,

To FORMLABS use OPEN mode and choose Chirugical Guide
3D-EXPERT. com cannot be held responsible in case of printing problems.

Post-processing after printing.

At 3D-EXPERT. com we believe that you should clean the printed object with 70% IPA alcohol after removing the construction supports. We believe that printed objects should not be passed through the UV chamber after printing in order to preserve the geometry of the model and cylinder during the day while protecting the models from UV rays.

For your safety 3D-Expert recommends handling this resin with gloves and a spatula.

Investment Casting
NextDent ™ Cast can be used for casting all types of dental metals. Use of a phosphate-bonded resurfacing for precision casting in lost-wax casting of materials. We recommend Shera RPTM or VarseoVest P from BEGO
NextDent ™ Cast will burn without residue at a minimum temperature of 550°C over a period of 45 minutes.

NextDent Cast

Residue-free combustible 3D printing material

NextDent Cast is a residue-free combustible 3D printing material, suited for all kinds of purposes. Whether you need a support structure, a frame or orthodontic devices. Simply design, print and cast making use of our castable material and the investment material that is recommended. Casting the parts in the metal you require.

Property Model Value
Colour Purple
Brookfield viscosity at 23° Celsius 1.1 – 1.6 Pa·s ASTM D2162
Hardness Shore D 80 – 90 ISO 868:2003

The material is available in 1.000g containers.
Download the Instruction for Use and Safety Data Sheet.

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